Our Studio

We Develop Games with Creative Gameplay and Immersive Stories

Developing imaginative New Worlds

We dont give up we create new World!

Well there are many Developers out their but we are not like them no we create worlds who no one ever tought about it we are the Revolution on The STANDARD!

Follow us on our Journey and be a part of the Change!





Best Value in Entertainment

Our games are meant for playing we have put in much work and love so that we can bring emotions to the players


Available on Multiple Platforms

Windows and Linux approved!


Feel the Game

Most of our time got into getting the right sound and effects so you can feel the explosion near you!


Save Backups in the Cloud

All your Game Data will be saved on our Dedicated Cloud Servers! The server gets a backup every day so we can minimize the data lose if one Cloud Server has an technical problem!

Meet the team



CEO and Programmer

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