The Day

Welcome Player!
You entered a whole new demension of FirstPerson Shooters cause we go back to the Roots!

The Day is a Counter Strike based game where you play like the old times. You get your chance and get your reward but you should be afraid cause this is more than a game this will be your game that will never get out of your mind!

Well with The Day we made a whole new Chapter in the FPS Scene with our love and knowlegde we create something that will never get boring(ok we hope so xD)!

The Game itself contains 2 Groups:

  • Police
  • Terrorists

We want you to fight like its your own life cause we made the game realistic enough that when you get a hit in your chest and you dont try to help yourself you will bleed out!

The Medical System is our biggest Feature in game, its mostly created on Real techniques in Medical Respond!

Also we like our game Textures and Models realistic so we work on full Tripple A Quality!

Progress of "The Day"

last update 11.09.2020
The Day - Idea
The Day - Multiplayer
The Day - Game World
The Day - Models,Textures,Animations
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